Top quality yarns not available so far on the Polish market. The most delicate yarns in silk, cashmere and angora. Threads and knitting articles.

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  • Wool

    Woolen yarns that are blends of the best quality varieties of wool from around the world. Threads of foreign producers till now unavailable on the Polish or European market.

  • Cashmere

    Yarns with cashmere addition. Luxurious blend of silk and wool with cashmere. The most delicate cashmere yarn.

  • Alpaca

    The warmest and the most delicate alpaca yarns produced on the basis of Peruvian yarn. Mixes and pure alpaca yarns of the highest quality.

  • Angora

    Luxury yarn with the addition of angora. Angora threads from European producers only.

  • Silk

    Silk yarns from European and American manufacturers. The noblest silk in luxury blends with merino, angora and cashmere. Yarns intended for experienced knitters.

  • Cotton

    Cotton yarns and blends with the addition of cotton. The most interesting yarns intended for children's products.

  • Other

    Yarns containing additives of polyamide, nylon and acrylic. Delicate blends of natural yarns with tencel and seaweed fibers. Threads intended for children and allergies.