Store with yarns - rare and unique yarns.

The "Decorehand" store offers yarns that are unavailable or unknown so far on the Polish market. We import yarns from many European countries as well as from the United States and Canada.
We pay the greatest attention to the quality and composition of yarn. Therefore, in our offer you can find the most delicate silk, cashmere and angora yarn, as well as the best quality variation of wool and cotton yarn.
We sell retail and wholesale. We sell our knitting products and accessories here in Poland and abroad.
Welcome to our online store all enthusiasts of needlework.

To begin with, we must emphasize the fact that we are two absolute knitting maniacs. How many yarns can you buy and how long can you wait for the right moment to create something you only see in your mind’s eye? No amount could ever be enough! 

The idea for a shop with needlework products hit upon us a few years ago during one of our trips to Italy. It so happened that on each trip we ended up shopping for new yarns, and always found new brands and yarns we had never seen before.
It is true that Poland also offers real yarn beauties, but somehow the grass is always greener on the other side. And so we have brought yarns from Canada, USA, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, among others.
Many possibly interesting and unique products, which we hope are worn by women not only in Poland, have been made from these yarns. We have always been very particular about the composition of yarns, choosing the finest ones.
As a result, our dream of a small shop filled with yarn balls is beginning to come true…

Our aim was to find the manufacturers and suppliers who do not offer their products in Poland but whose yarns we have been using for our own knitwork. It turned out that the market of needlework yarn producers is so big that everyone would be spoilt for choice. Also, it seems to us that hand-made knitwear has been gaining popularity year by year. This is certainly due to the fact that such a product is unique and one of its kind. However, that may not be the only reason. Handmade knitwear may be a source of great pride for the maker as well as the consumer.
For this reason, we would also like to offer knitwear in our shop. We have reached many women in Poland who can create truly astonishing products, the examples of which can be seen in our gallery of products made to order.

Decorhand was born from our passion, and we would like to share with you the things which inspire us.

Let’s do it then!

Iza and Kinga